How Can I Stop My Uncontrollable Crying?


Asked by Lwilson10

How Can I Stop My Uncontrollable Crying?

I have had a lifelong problem with uncontrollable crying. This can come in response to criticism, compliments, you name it. It's embarrassing, but I can't control it. Can anyone assist me with this? How can I stop the tears once and for all? I have tried breathing exercises, affirmations, and trying to just shrug it off, but nothing has helped.


Hi, Lauren. In addition to Merely Me's suggestions, I want to add that if you live in the US, your county probably has a mental health clinic that charges according to your ability to pay, if you want to find a therapist. Your friends and your husband cannot be objective but a mental health professional can support you in getting to the bottom of your waterworks if it turns out to be emotionally based. Perhaps something happened to you as a child - which you might not even remember - that has caused unresolved grief which gets triggered by certain things. I'm sure it's difficult to feel like you have no control over your emotions, which can happen when we get overwhelmed or can't understand what's going on. This is a good place to come to for support, you can talk about anything that is on your mind and chances are very good that someone here has experienced the same thing, or something similar.

Hang in there and hope you feel welcome to write again.