Stopping Bp Meds Cold Turkey


Asked by Dotts

Stopping Bp Meds Cold Turkey

I read that certain bp meds are really dangerous and want to stop taking mine. I don't have a family doctor, I was prescribed the pills in the hospital when i was admitted with blood pressure that was 225/120. Since then I have quit smoking and drinking and am on a diet and slowly losing weight. What should I watch for when stopping my pills other than obviously my blood pressure.


Hi Dotts,

Well done making dietary changes, no longer smoking/drinking, and losing weight! All of these changes are going to help you better control your blood pressure where the medication may not be needed. I do not recommend you stop your medication cold turkey. You need to schedule an appointment with a doctor. If you have a local health clinic you could schedule an appointment with a doctor there to discuss your blood pressure and treatment plan in regards to weaning off the medication.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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