How Can I Stop Topamax for Migraine?

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I've been taking Topamax 25 mg for the last two months. What's the plan you recommend to stop taking it? I've been getting a lot of side effects and my body can’t tolerate a higher dose. I'm really concerned about the weight gain because I feel my appetite is increasing. I don't get full with the same amount of food I used to eat before. I don't understand why this medication is approved for Migraine since the side effects are very serious. Eleanor.


Dear Eleanor,

We really can’t recommend a discontinuation schedule for you because that would be giving you medical advice that should only come from your own physician. However, we can share general information about discontinuing Topamax. Please refer to Is It Safe to Quickly Stop Taking Topamax for Migraine? Please contact your physician for his or her recommendation.

Topamax was approved for Migraine prevention because it proved effective in clinical trials. Although some of the potential side effects are serious, the incidence of them occurring in the trials was within acceptable limits. The FDA has required warnings to be included in the prescribing information and patient information leaflets; the majority of patients don't experience bad side effects. The FDA intends patients and doctors to weight the benefits against the potential harms, and to be alert for side effects so the medication can be discontinued if necessary.

Thank you for your question,

Dave Watson and Teri Robert

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