Strange Chest Pain With Neck-headache Pain


Asked by Grandma

Strange Chest Pain With Neck-headache Pain

I am having pain in the middle of my chest that goes into my back. It is a weird pain going up both sides of my neck to my ears, along with a strange feeling in my head. It feels like there isnt enough blood flow and I could pass out. I have had lots of heart tests, all normal. The pain never goes away. Does anyone have similar symptoms or know what it could be? I often feel as though I am breathing harder. Thanks.


Hi Grandma,

I recommend you contact your physician for follow-up/further tests or consider seeking a second opinion. Maybe another physician will have more experience with your symptoms and diagnosing the problem. It could be a cardiac issue or it could be a problem with your shoulder and/or neck. Only a doctor will be able to tell for certain.

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN