Strange Rash On Arm


Asked by Heather

Strange Rash On Arm

I noticed today out of absolutely nowhere, a rash on my forearm, right below my wrist, on the bottom of my arm. It started out as itchy(how i noticed it) hive like appearance, red welts popped up. Then later turned into the welts but also a bunch of tiny bumps, id compare to blisters but they are solid, no fluids in them. Still itchy and also burns, only when i scratch, which is understandable :) but nothing new has been done, no new laundry detergent, no traveling to anywhere, no new food or drinks, no new soap or anything.....I dont go out in the heat, im not an outdoorsy person, no contact with pets, but it is the size of a half dollar coin...well a bit bigger than that. Id also compare the feel when i run my fingers across it, to like an orange peel, also thats what it looks like now. Any suggestions would be great, i dont want to run to the doctor over something minor just to pay a big bill haha. Thanks in advance.


Hi Heather

Is the rash still there or has it gone away? One other possibility may be some sort of food allergy. My son who has eczema...developed huge itchy bumps along with a rash as the result of a food allergy.

I know the doctor may be expensive but it may be worth getting checked out.

You may want to also read an article I wrote on what to do if you have an unexplained rash.

This chart from a site called Family Doctor may also be helpful to ascertain the possible causes of a rash.

However, your best bet is to seek help from a doctor. Even if you do correctly identify what this rash will need treatment.

Hope this helps some. Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me