Can Stress Cause Neck And Shoulder Pain


Asked by yvonne

Can Stress Cause Neck And Shoulder Pain

every so often I get muscle pain in my neck that flows down my shoulder or back it feels like my muscles are all tied up so my husband will try to rub them out useing icey hot which does help but it takes a while for me to start feeling better I do have numbness or tingleing in my hands that has been there for yrs doctor does't know why.


Hi Yvonne

My ears perked up when you said you had numbness and tingles in your hands. Here is information from Medline Plus about this symptom. Has your doctor run any tests to see what is causing this? It would be worth checking out as things like Diabetes or Multiple Sclerosis can cause well as many other things. I have MS myself so I am especially aware of possible symptoms.

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Answered by Merely Me