Can Stress Cause Pancreatitis?


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Can Stress Cause Pancreatitis?

my 33yr. old daughter has been hospitalised 4 times with acute recurrant pancreatitis. her pancreas shows no damage yet and she follows a stict diet, low fat, no alcohol and 1 enzyme pill before any meal. no doctor has any other suggestions and she will probably loose her college loan and future career because of this condition. she has had anxiety problems for many years and we wonder if this anxiety could affect the condition. thank you. we would appreciate any suggestions. p.s. her gallbladder has been checked as well


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I am not a medical professional and would not be able to give you medical advice.

Stress can be a contributing factor to pancreatitis. One study concluded, "These results indicate that stress accelerates the activation of zymogen proteases induced by cerulein and suggest the possibility that stress may play some role in the development of severe pancreatitis."

Is your daughter currently being treated for her anxiety? Possibly, looking at this treatment, using cognitive behavioral therapy or working to find ways to better manage stress and anxiety would be helpful for your daughter.

Certainly, your daughter should discuss the possibility of stress contributing to the pancreatitis with her doctors.


Answered by Eileen Bailey