Is Stress Echocardiogram Positive For Ischemia Something To Worry About?


Asked by longrunner

Is Stress Echocardiogram Positive For Ischemia Something To Worry About?

here are my Echo result after the stress test:

"Increased wall motion and systolic thickening of all left verticular segments with decrease in end-systolic dimension.(visual estimate) Apical lateral segment, basal lateral wall and mid lateral wall are hypokinetic."

REST score: 1.0, ejection fraction : 60%

IMPOST Score: 1.2, ejection fraction : 80%

From the picture I see "hypokinetic" on one part

The description of possible results ranges from normal, hypokinetic, mild hypokinetic, moderate, severe, borderline. So I don't have even mild I guess, is it something to worry?

EKG during test was excelent in all points. Doc said I should repeat test with radioactive stress test because this is not for sure...



I have to add I was diagnosed fro anxiety and depression before test and during the test I got my anxiety symptoms like weakness in legs etc. Also I used to run a lot.


Hey long runner,

To start, it will be helpful to clarify some of the terms used in the report on your EKG test.

The term "Hypokinetic" according the the Merrian Webster Dictionary website means, "associated with decreased motor activity"

and ischemia is a term refers to a spot in your blood vessels that is restricted and prohibiting oxygen and other nutrients from entering tissue.

I'm not a doctor and can't interrpret the results of your EKG, but since your results fell fairly low on the range of possiblities I would think you don't have too much to worry about. If your results indicated something very serious, your doctor would have had you take the appropriate actions. But it's always best to open the lines of communication with your doctor and address these questions with him or her.