Stress: Skin-Damaging, Acne-Causing

Health Writer

Nervous about a date?? Rest assured some of you will get that fateful, larger than life zit, that invariably shows up when we are stressed and can ill afford it....did you say stressed?? Well did the pimple actually erupt because you were stressed?? or did you get stressed because the pimple erupted??

According to experts - yes, the acne  may have come because instead of adopting a yoga stance and ohming your way to calm and reserved demeanor -** _you chose to let stress rule the roost!tress** can cause a myriad of skin problems - hair falling out, skin breaking out, skin flushing and so on.   Grey hairs too? Well, if you pull out your hair, because you are stressed, the new hair that grows back could indeed  grow in grey.   You could also develop alopecia - bald spots - that may indeed be caused to some degree by unmanaged stress.   What does the stress do exactly?   It causes increased levels of cortisol which can in one case cause excess oil production and voila - acne arrives.

So how can we avoid these unwanted skin changes when we are indeed stressed?? Meditation, exercise, and simply breathing deeply and troubleshooting the issue at hand so it does not overwhelm you and cause chemical changes in your body is probably what most people need to do.   If acne is specifically the culprit, then avoid long, hot showers, use non-comedogenic cleansers, moisturizers and sunblock and realize that though the acne is really bumming you out - stressing about it will only make it worse.