Stroke Ages Brain Eight Years Overnight

The damage from a stroke can be roughly equal to aging that person's brain by about eight years. That's the finding of a new study at the University of Michigan Medical School and School of Public Health.

The research was meant to analyze different levels of cognitive decline between white and black people, but it showed that a stroke has a similar impact on brain function in people of both races.

Past research has suggested that the rate of cognitive problems in older black people is twice that of older, non-Hispanic white people. But when the Michigan researchers measured the effect of strokes on brain power, they found that both black people and white people fared significantly worse on cognitive tests after they suffered strokes.

The researchers said  that racial differences on overall levels of cognitive decline require more research, but that "one thing is clear: strokes have serious consequences for brain function."

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, 'Stroke ages the brain 8 years overnight'