Study Reveals Secret to Long Life

New research published in The BMJ may have uncovered the secret to living a long, healthy, happy life: consistently enjoying life. For the study, researchers analyzed life enjoyment in 9,365 adults with an average age of 63 years at 2 year intervals from 2012 to 2006. Study participants were asked to rate the following statements on a 4-point scale: "I enjoy the things that I do," "I enjoy being in the company of others," "On balance, I look back on my life with a sense of happiness," "I feel full of energy these days."

Those who responded "rarely or never" to each statement were classified as having no life enjoyment, and those who responded "sometimes or often" were classified as having high enjoyment. Results indicated no high levels of enjoyment in 24 percent of study participants. Instances of high enjoyment occurred at the following levels: 20 percent had one instance, 22 percent had two instances, and 34 percent had three instances.

According to researchers, there were 1,310 deaths during the follow-up period and the death rate was progressively higher among study participants with fewer instances of life enjoyment. Higher levels of life enjoyment were seen in women, as well as those who are married or living with a partner, those currently employed, those who are wealthier, those who are well-educated, and those who are younger.

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Sourced from: MNT