Study says 10 drugs more deadly than pot

With pressure increasing to legalize marijuana use either for medical or recreational purposes, a new study concludes that pot ranks low on the list of deadly drugs.

In fact, according to a study done by researchers in Germany and Canada, 10 drugs are actually deadlier than marijuana, including legal ones such as alcohol and nicotine. The scientists calculated the health risk of each drug by looking at its "margin of exposure" (MOE). That's the ratio that compares the approximate amount of a drug needed to kill a person to the amount they usually take. In short, it measures the likelihood that someone could take a lethal overdose of a drug.  By that measure, alcohol consumption was 100 times more dangerous than marijuana.

The other drugs more lethal than pot when analyzed in this way were heroin, cocaine, nicotine, MDMA, methamphetamine, methadone, amphetamine, and diazepam (Valium).

The researchers acknowledged that their study focused on the lethality of drugs and not on other potential health risks, such as dependence, but concluded that pot should be strictly regulated, but not prohibited,

It's worth noting that the study was done only on animals and that each drug was considered individually, when in reality, drugs are often consumed together.

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Sourced from: LiveScience, Is Marijuana Safe? It's More Complicated Than You Think