Study says attractive men are more selfish

According to new research, men who are more attractive may be less generous and less likely to favor equality than men who aren't as attractive.

The study, which focused on how attractiveness influences attitudes and behavior toward selfishness and inequality, was conducted by scientists at Brunel University London in the U.K. After recruiting 63 men and 62 women, the researchers measured their bodies using a 3-D scanner, from which they gave each participant an attractiveness score. Measurements included waist-to-chest ratio for men and wasit-to-hip ratio for women.

Next, the participants were asked to complete a personality questionnaire, which included questions about attitudes and behavior toward selfishness and inequality. The volunteers also underwent an experiment, in which they were given money and were asked how much they were willing to share with others.

The researchers found that the men who scored highest on attractiveness were more selfish and were less likely to favor equality, when compared with men with lower attractiveness scores. The women's attractiveness, however, did not seem to influence their attitudes and behavior when it came to selfishness and inequality.

The study's findings, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, suggest that there may be something to the notion that attractive men tend to behave selfishly and unfairly. Researchers added, however, that more studies are needed to better understand the correlation between attractiveness and social attitudes and behaviors.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Attractive men are more selfish, study finds