Study says cosmetic surgery makes women more likeable

Researchers at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. say that certain facial cosmetic surgery procedures can make women appear more likeable and social to strangers.

Pictures were collected of 30 Caucasian women who had all undergone facial rejuvenatio--a series of facial plastic surgeries that include lifts to the face, upper and lower eye, and brow neck, as well as chin implants. The pictures were then shown to 170 strangers who rated the women on personality traits. These traits not only included overall attractiveness, but femininity, social skills, extroversion and aggression. To rate the women, the strangers were given only a before or an after photo of a woman.

Overall, the strangers rated the women who received the procedures more positively. Women in their ‘after’ photos were rated as more likeable, social and more feminine. Scientists are unsure as to which specific procedure contributed to the positive ratings, but studies have shown that certain features can influence a person's perception of another--wider set eyes can make a person look more trustworthy, upturned lips seem to reflect friendliness and extroversion.

The researchers did acknowledge that some elements of the study might have created a certain bias in the results, such as using photos of only Caucasian women only having a relatively small number of before and after photos. Many women who have these procedures done don't return for post-op photos.

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Sourced from: Live Science, Cosmetic Surgery Makes Women Look More Likeable