Study says popular teens also bullied

Bullying affects kids of all social circles, even popular ones. So concludes a study published in the American SociologicalReview.

Researchers found the risk for bullying increases as kids get more popular. But the bullying abruptly stops when they reach the top of the social ladder_._

In the study, 4,000 adolescents in from eighth to tenth grade in 19 schools in three North Carolina counties were analyzed. The participants answered several different questions about their friends and bullying. This information helped the researchers to map out the social circles of each school.

The results showed a higher social status meant an increased risk of victimizations, harmful psychological, social and academic consequences, and anxiety, anger and depression. The researchers said these feelings are due to the belief that popular students have much more to lose than students who are unpopular.

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Sourced from:, Popular teens are also bullied, study shows