Study says pot doesn't boost creativity

Most pot smokers will tell you that smoking marijuana makes them more creative.  But a team of scientists in The Netherlands say their research suggests that's just not so.

Working with a group of 59 men and women who said they regularly smoke pot, researchers at Leiden University focused on the thinking abilities of people who consumed marijuana with different levels of THC, which is  psychoactive ingredient in pot.

One group was given cannabis with high THC content, another was given cannabis with a low dose of THC and the third was given a placebo. None of the participants were told what they were given.

Everyone in the study was then required to complete a series of cognitive tasks that measured two forms of creative thinking: divergent thinking (coming up with ideas by exploring as many solutions as possible) and convergent thinking (finding the only correct answer to a question).

The researchers found that cannabis with high-dose THC significantly impaired divergent thinking among participants, compared with low-dose THC and a placebo. They also determined that those who smoked cannabis with low-dose THC did not significantly outperform those who smoked the placebo when it came to divergent thinking.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Creativity is not improved through cannabis use, claims study