Suboxone: Here To Help Program

Health Professional

Suboxone can be a good exit strategy if the pain medications start to force life out of control. Pain medications are not meant to cause a downward spiral. The goal of using pain medications is to regain enough control over pain to become more active. Unfortunately, pain medication use can sometimes do just the opposite of improving function; sometimes someone can lose control and function by using chemicals. Chemical dependency then becomes a larger problem than chronic pain as chemical dependency slips towards addiction. Chemical addiction can destroy marriages, friendships, and careers. Recently, the manufacturers of Suboxone launched a new program called Here To Help: Supporting You Through Treatment. Their motto for the program is: "Self Encouragement Starts Here".

Taking the leap to Suboxone treatment can be frightening. Staying with the Suboxone treatment program can get discouraging. The Here to Help Program connects people with physicians and "Care Coaches" while providing some tools to get things started and keep people motivated. This program site provides testimonials and answers questions about expectations. Most importantly, users of this program can learn how to re-balance life through feelings, thoughts, behaviors, physical health, and relationships.

The goal for Suboxone treatment is to help someone release the strangling grip that chemicals can have on his/her life. Not everyone who takes pain medications for treating chronic or acute pain loses control and becomes addicted. But like it or not, the major risk of treating chronic pain with opioid pain medications is the slippery slope of chemical dependency and addiction. People who are slipping should know that there are those that are Here to Help. (1-866-973-Here)

Just two days after this program launched, I received my first phone call from a "Care Coach" connecting me to someone who needs help: a twenty-year-old mother of three who takes 30 Norco's per day. I am happy to help her. With the right motivation and support, she has a great chance to turn over a new leaf. Thanks to the Here to Help program.