Sudden Dramatic Increased In Blood Pressure


Asked by LoLo

Sudden Dramatic Increased In Blood Pressure

I have always had normal blood pressure, 120/80. About a month ago I went to the doctor because I had an allergic reaction to something, no clue what, and broke into hives. While there my blood pressure was taken 3 times, each time it was 160+/100+. Recently I attempted to give blood to the rest cross and was refused as my blood pressure was 142/110. I have since seen my doctor again and she has prescribed a water pill to help lower my blood pressure. Now, here is a little history, my mother, father and sister have always had high blood pressure, but not me. I have been under a lot of financial stress in the last year, but up until recently I have not had an elevated reading. As a result of my stress my doctor had prescribed Celexa. I have read that Celexa can cause blood pressure changes. Do you think this may be the cause to the sudden change?





Thanks for your question. I am unable to find any documentation that Celexa can cause elevated pressure. Certainly, the acute situation of the allergic reaction and the recent stress could play a role in having mild high blood pressure, but in all likelihood you have hypertension (high blood pressure). With your family history, your doctor is absolutely correct in beginning therapy. I have often seen patients with normal pressure who then have an acute situation accompanied by high blood pressure, which persists long after the situation has resolved. If your pressure normalizes and you then have low readings, your doctor might consider withdrawing the medication.

I hope this has been helpful. Feel better.

Martin Cane, M.D.

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