Sudden Drop In Heart Rate & Dizziness While Exercising.


Asked by Yammy

Sudden Drop In Heart Rate & Dizziness While Exercising.

While on a treadmill, I suddenly felt weak, tired, dizzy, cold sweaty, and my heart rate dropped from 130 to 89. After stopping and getting off the treadmill, the dizziness got stronger, my hearing went a little muffled and my heart rate dropped to 60. It felt like I was going to pass out (I've never passed out before). A minute or two and some deep breaths later, my heart rate returned to the high 90's and low 100's and the dizziness was gone. This never happen to me before and it has happened twice in two days now. I warmed up on a stationary bike just before the treadmill and my heart rate was at a steady 110/120 with no problems. I also was able to do a weight training session earlier in the morning with a steady heart rate of 125.

Some suggested I "BONKED" but I have read about Vasovagal, Pre Syncope, Bradycardia, and Angina. Any ideas?


Hi Yammy,

I know it has been a long time since you posted this question, but I was wondering if you had received a diagnosis and treatment plan. Many community members have asked similar questions and we would love to hear your story.

Only a doctor can diagnose accurately, but if you are interested in reading up on some possibilities, please check out these links:

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Hope you are well!