I'm 15 With Sudden Nipple Soreness In My Left Breast?


Asked by AngelWake

I'm 15 With Sudden Nipple Soreness In My Left Breast?

It's been 4-5 days since the soreness began so it may be too early to tell if it's serious or not. The sore spots are both directly my nipple and just a little below but that pain is a bit deeper inside. Other than that, the rest of the breast is perfectly fine and my right seems perfectly normal. Technically, I'm due for my period within the next few days or week but I've never had this happen with previous cycles. The most I get is small cramps and irritability. But that's about it. I don't fear breast cancer mainly because there are no rashes, no bumps or lumps, no redness, etc. The only symptom has been the soreness of the nipple and right below as well as slight enlarging. But I'm assuming the enlarging is due to the soreness and the fact that I keep trying to feel around for anything out of the ordinary, further irritating the spots. Any idea of what this could be? I understand if it's a bit too soon to tell.


At your age, Angel, I'd assume this has something to do with puberty, your hormones, and your menstrual cycle. The symptoms you describe aren't typical breast cancer symptoms. And at age 15, your chance of having breast cancer is less than 1 in a million. Please read our post, teen guide to breast development, for more information about what might be causing this soreness.

If the pain/soreness get worse -; or certainly if your breast seems infected (red, hot, swollen, painful), then you'd want to see a doctor ASAP. But other than that, I'd feel comfortable waiting for a few weeks to see if the pain abates during a different part of your cycle. Best of luck to you - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel