Sudden 50% Rise And Drop In Blood Pressure In About 1hour


Asked by John L

Sudden 50% Rise And Drop In Blood Pressure In About 1hour

I have aquestion regarding my mother of 66 years age who recently has experienced sudden dramatic rises in blood pressure from a normal 110/85 to 170/120 followed by cold feet and a fewerish head and a very strong headache. Other symptoms during these "attacks" are difficulties to walk, with a sense of not knowing where the floor is, hence stumbling when walking. These attacks have been rather rare (first time 5 months ago) this time several attacks in one week.

Since the first attack her vision has been slightly impaired with difficulties to focus on distant objects causing a slight double vision.

The starnge thing is that one attack takes about one hour in total from normal, low blood pressure, to a drastic increase, followed by a just as sudden drop again to slightly elevated levels.

A preliminary diagnosis have been a "probable stroke" based on the symptoms suffered, but the doctors so far have failed to explain the sudden rise in blood pressure that we feel might be the reason for the stroke symptoms and not the other way around.

Has anyone exerienced something similar and if so what was the diagnosis and treatment. Highly greatful for any hints and, if possible, answers.


Hi John L,

I hope your mother is doing all right today. See if this post provides any information relevant to her situation:

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