All The Sudden About 6 Weeks Ago I Started Getting Migrains.


Asked by Melynda

All The Sudden About 6 Weeks Ago I Started Getting Migrains.

Suddenly 6 weeks ago i sarted getting migraines. Have been to ER 3 time in a month for them. I finly got to see my Dr she was worried about them. Sent me to get an MRI. i have had maybe 3 or 4 days with out the pain. Migraines do not run in my familey, please help me. What may be wrong with me, some said it may be a tumor. I get the shakes and feel like am going to throw up all the time. They get so bad l cry from them and i can handle alot of pain.



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About Migraines not running in your family - It may be that they do, but that nobody realizes it. It may be that someone is your family has had what they called "sick headaches" or thought were sinus headaches. Most of what people think are sinus headaches are really Migraines. We have many people who think they have no family history of Migraine, but when they investigate again, find family members with sick headaches or sinus headaches that were really Migraines.

What did your MRI show? Your doctor ordered the MRI to rule out issues such as stroke, MRI and the like. With Migraines, MRIs generally come back "normal." You need to sit down and talk with your doctor about your symptoms and your fears and get him or her to help you with a treatment plan as well as coping skills. You definitely want to have a treatment plan set in place with your doctor and avoid having to go to the ER. We're far better off treating our Migraines in the comfort and quiet of home instead of having to go out to the ER.

Migraines are treatable. I know they're frightening at first, and it's OK to be frightened for a bit. Just realize that Migraine is a manageable disease, and keep working with your doctor. Find out what kind of Migraines you have and what treatment your doctor recommends. Then, if you have more questions, come back to us, and we'll help you with more information.

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Answered by Teri Robert