Why Do I Feel a "Pins and Needles" Sensation Near my Nipple?


Asked by corrie

I Suddenly Feel Some Sort Of "Pins And Needles" Pain Sensation Near Around My Right Nipple For A Wee

i can say im overweight too.. im 5 ft and 140 lbs. I have a normal mesntrual period. Dont see any difference in the appearance of my right breast except for the "pins and needles " pain sensation that i feel. The last time was a lot more painful than the others. i felt it right after i stand up from sitting down on my bed. Although i will have my period around 2 days from now but its my first time to feel this thing ever since.

thank u for ur time


Hi Corrie: In general, pain or "pins and needles" aren't symptoms of breast cancer. You might have some sort of nerve issue or it might have to do with your period coming on. If the feeling lasts longer than a month, you should ask your doctor about it. In the meantime, please read our post on breast pain, and our post on nipple issues; one or the other might help you identify what may be going on here. Good luck - PJH

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