Sugary drinks linked to 180,000 deaths

Most people realize that drinking a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages isn’t good for you. Now, the Harvard School of Public Health has released a report detailing what is says is the cost of all the soda-guzzling:  180,000 deaths worldwide every year from related diseases, such as obesity. Roughly 25,000 of those deaths, say the researchers, occur in the United States.

Of the 15 most populated countries, according to the Harvard analysis, Mexico has the highest rate of death linked to beverages--318 annual deaths per million people.  The United States' rate was 83 annual deaths per million people.  Japan had the lowest rate, at 10 deaths per million.  Overall, the researchers attributed 133,000 annual deaths to diabetes, 44,000 to cardiovascular disease and 6,000 deaths to cancer.

However, other experts cautioned the study found only an association, and cannot prove that sugar-sweetened beverage consumption caused these deaths. Sugar-sweetened beverages are often just part of a bad diet that contributes to overall poor health.  And the American Beverage Association disputes any direct connection between drinking sugary beverages and deaths, claiming that not all of these chronic disease deaths are necessarily caused by sugary drinks.

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Sourced from: Live Science, Sugary Drinks Linked to 180,000 Deaths Worldwide