Sulfasalazine And Low White Blood Cell Count


Asked by MelleBelle

Sulfasalazine And Low White Blood Cell Count

I've been taking plaquenil (200 mg twice a day) and sulfasalazine (500 mg twice a day) for about 6 months. My dr recently increased my dosage of sulfasalize to 1500mg and for the first time in almost 2 years, I feel fantastic. She (my Dr) called me today and told me my white blood cell count is 2.0 and I need to go back to taking 1000mg of sulfasalazine. Other than decreasing the dosage, does anyone have any suggestions regarding the low WBC count?


Unfortunately, no. I would definitely recommend that you speak to your rheumatologist about this - it's one of those questions that is best answered by medical expert. You may also want to talk to you rheumatologist about how well you felt on the increased dose - after all, the goal of treating your RA is to get you back to feeling fantastic and if you have to reduce your dose due to your white blood cell count, you may want to explore treatment options like e.g., supplementing the sulfazalazine with one of the other DMARDs like methotrexate or Paquinil.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW