Sunburn Sting, Itch, Turn Brown (Help)


Asked by shiawase

Sunburn Sting, Itch, Turn Brown (Help)

Please help :( "‹I got sunburn 4-5 days ago. at the beginning its red and stingy pretty bad. 2 days go it itches it bothers me so much. skin has also turn brown, not smooth and seem dry. "‹Is this a normal sunburn process? And how long will it change condition? will it peel? "‹when peeling and after it, will pain/itch become worse? "‹Im already suffering and lose sleep as i cant take steroid, antihistamine and other drug easily cause im sensitive and have many intolerances. "‹what ive use coconut oil, menthol/mint, cold pack, aloe, cucumber.


Hi Shiawase, I'm so sorry to hear about your sunburn! That can be a painful recovery. You have accidentally asked your question in Incontinence section of HealthCentral. I encourage you to head over to the Skin Care section to ask your question. In the meantime, here is an article on treating a sunburn at home, which includes some natural remedies! And here is another article on home remedies for sunburn, which includes some natural products that you may find in your kitchen, like yogurt and oatmeal (it really does help!). I've had some pretty bad sunburns in my day and in my experience it does usually take about a week for the redness, itching and burning sensation to subside. Your best friend will be aloe vera gel and lotion containing aloe vera-this will help with the itching, burning and dryness. You could also take an anti-inflammatory medication to help with any swelling and pain. I hope this helps-hang in there!