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Asked by SamSam

I Got Sunburned On My Face And Now It Is Breaking Out Terribly. What Is The Cause Of This And How Can I Treat It?

I was sunburned on my body as well, which all of that has soaked into a nice tan. My face, on the other hand, is breaking out on my chin and above my nose and on my forehead. My nose is all wrinkly and seems like it might peel at any time. Any suggestions to help the skin on my face? Thank you!


Hi SamSam

I am sorry you got burned in the sun. It can be very painful. Did you use sunscreen? Repeated exposure to the sun can cause premature aging, sagging skin, and skin cancer. So you want to make sure you protect your skin any time you are out in the sun.

Are you sure that these are pimples? Sometimes people develop what is known as Polymorphic Light Eruption as a reaction to sun. You may be more sensitive than you know to the sun. Are you taking any medications which can cause photosensitivity?

And it may be regular blemishes possibly caused by sweat blocking your pores. The problem is that your skin is irritated and possibly peeling in addition to the blemishes. You don't want to dry it out any more. I would think that at the very least to use a noncomedogenic moisturizer which oil-free.

Since you don't know what is causing this may be wise to seek the help of your doctor or dermatologist.

Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for your question.

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