I Have Super Itchy Breasts With Bumps, Do I Have Cancer?


Asked by Sonya

I Have Super Itchy Breasts With Bumps, Do I Have Cancer?

I've been going to a tanning salon four times in eight days (every other day) and I think I might have cancer from it because I have extremely itchy breasts with bumps all over them. I can't stop itching. Can you tell from that if I have cancer or not?


Sonya, my husband got melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, from sun exposure when he was a child before anyone knew about the dangers of tanning. He's OK now, except for the scar where they removed the cancer. I agree with PJ's comment that you wouldn't get skin cancer this fast from going to a tanning salon. It usually takes years to develop. But please be aware that you are putting yourself at long-term risk for skin cancer by tanning in a salon or on a beach.

Itching and skin changes can be signs of of some rare forms of breast cancer, but since your symptoms are in both breasts and started right after you went to the tanning salon, it's almost certain that the problem is not breast cancer. Do see a doctor if it doesn't get better in a few days. He or she might have a good ointment that could help you heal faster.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson