Superbug outbreak at LA hospital

More than 100 patients at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center were exposed to a drug-resistant superbug over the past several months and at least seven people developed infections. According to one report, the superbug may have contributed to the deaths of two patients. 

It is believed the bacteria was spread through infected endoscopy tubes. These specially-designed tubes are inserted into the throat to treat cancers, gallstones and other ailments of the digestive system. The tubes in question are no longer being used.

UCLA said it discovered the outbreak last month while running tests on a patient. Earlier this week, it began to notify 179 other patients who were treated between October and January. By some estimates, if the bacteria spreads to a person's bloodstream, it can kill 40 to 50 percent of patients.

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Sourced from: Reuters, Hundreds possibly exposed to ‘superbug’ at UCLA Medical Center