Supplement contains meth-like compound

A widely available workout supplement called Craze contains an unlisted compound that is chemically similar to methamphetamine, according to a study published in the journal _Drug Testing and Analysis.  _The supplement, made by Driven Sports Inc., is marketed as a way to improve workout performance, and lists extract from dendrobium orchids on the label. But, several athletes who reported taking Craze failed drug urine tests.

For the study, researchers analyzed three samples of Craze from different vendors. Two of the samples were analyzed by NSF International, a company that certifies supplements, and the other was tested at the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health.

Researchers say that instead of finding anything from an orchid, it contained an unlisted cousin of methamphetamine called N,a- DEPEA. The effects of this drug on people are not known, but researchers say the active part of the compound appears structurally similar to the active part of meth, which gives a clue to how it affects the body.

Researchers say it’s possible that manufacturers are purchasing the compound that’s labeled at dendrobium as a “cover.” The Food and Drug Administration was informed in May, but has not yet alerted the public or sent a warning letter to the company.

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Sourced from: livescience, Workout Supplement Contains Meth-Like Compound