Surgeons Perform 1st Skull and Scalp Transplant

Doctors at the Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say they have successfully performed the first skull and scalp transplant.

The patient was James Boysen, a 55-year old software designer who suffered severe damage on the top of his head from cancer. On May 22, while also undergoing a kidney and pancreas transplant, doctors also performed a craniofacial transplant. The surgery was performed at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Boysen’s cancers of the scalp and numerous radiation treatments and surgeries left him wounds deep enough to reach the brain, doctors said. Starting about an inch above his ears, surgeons made a ring incision on Boysen’s scalp, transplanting a new skull and scalp. Altogether, the surgeries took nearly a day to perform, and involved more than 50 doctors, including micro-surgeons, neurosurgeons and reconstructive surgeons.

Boysen was released from the hospital yesterday and will be recuperating at a transplant surgery recovery residence for the next several weeks.

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Sourced from: Reuters, Doctors in Texas perform historic skull and scalp transplant surgery