Should I Have Surgery To Remove A Fibroadenoma?


Asked by Keely

Should I Have Surgery To Remove A Fibroadenoma?

I found a a 1.5 cm lump and made a dr.'s appt ASAP. My dr. wrote for me to get an ultrasound. They are pretty sure it is a fibroadenoma. My PCP recommends surgery to remove it, but the radiologist wasen't phased about it and would like to schedule a follow-up ultrasound in 6 months to keep it in check. What should I do? Is it going to get bigger? Is it estrogen dependent? If I stop taking birth control will it go away? My sister had no problems and then she started on birth control and now has multiple tumors depite having the first two removed. I don't want more and I definitely don't want this one to get bigger. I am confused because both opinions were on such different sides of the spectrum. Surgery vs do nothing.


Keely, fibroadenomas don't increase your risk of breast cancer, so that's not a reason to go down the surgery path. Generally, they appear and can increase in ssize for up to about a year, at which point they become stable. That's probably why the radiologist is telling you to come back in 6 months and check it. I'd agree with his suggestion of "watchful waiting" -why put yourself through surgery if you don't have to? So far as I know, fibroadenomas aren't estrogen-dependent, nor affected by birth control pills. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel