Surprising Links Among Fast Food, Fruit, and Fertility


Women who eat fast food four or more times per week, and/or eat fewer than three servings of fruit per day are at increased risk for infertility and take longer to conceive than women with healthier diets, according to a large, multinational study conducted in Australia.

Results of the study suggest that, compared to women who eat fast food frequently, those eat it fewer than twice a week have an 18 to 34 percent lower risk of infertility, and those who avoid it altogether have a 41 percent lower risk. The results also suggest that, in women who are trying to conceive, time to pregnancy is typically shorter in those who eat more fruit.

Compared to those who eat three or more servings of fruit each day, women who eat one to three servings take an average of 6 percent longer to get pregnant, those who eat fruit one to six times per week take about 11 percent longer, and those who don’t eat fruit or eat fewer than three servings a month take 19 percent longer to conceive.

Surprisingly, other components of a healthy diet, such as leafy green vegetables and fish did not seem to affect fertility or time to pregnancy.

Sourced from: Human Reproduction