Asked by Vanessa Collins


So anyone else have profuse head sweating for apparently no reason out of the blue? And I am talking real s w e a t i n g. Yuck! The back of my hair gets literally dripping wet. This always happens when I am overtired or not felling well. RA, Meds? Sjogrens? Any ideas welcome!


I've lived with this kind of embarrassing and annoying sweating for 20 years. My doctor told me that prednisone changes the sweat glands in the face and head region and people who have taken high doses of or long term (which I have done both) prednisone usually end up with facial/head sweating that never goes away. I always carry a folded tissue with me to dab my head and go for hairstyles that don't look awful when my hair gets wet. I get it anytime I stand for more than a minute or two, or when I overheat from activity (like getting dressed in a hurry) or get the cold sweats. it's worse with some meds like SSRIs, or Mtx, which cause hot flash type symptoms themselves. I've also heard it can be fixed sometimes by surgery to the sympathetic nerves in the area affected (face, palms, feet, etc.). I hate it but have learned to live with it. I actually saw a great little hand held fan last night on The Voice - Cee Lo was using it and it had a covering over the blades (unlike some of the little open foam blade, battery held versions that I've tried). I was going to look it up and see if it was affordable! This is always why I hate summer in the South and love cooler weather, I tend to have less problems with overheating and sweating!