Sweating After Open Heart Bypass Surgery


Asked by hemi

Sweating After Open Heart Bypass Surgery

Hello I had open heart quad bypass surgery on Oct. 30th 2009, went thik it was going to be another stint but was worse. Anyway my problem is every since I had the bypass I sweat during day one to three tmes a day and at night also but not as bad as daytime. It is so bad I look like I just came out of the rain or a 100 + degrees heat. I can be watching tv at the store walking around the the house and with no warning here it come and last from fifteen to 45 min. My Cardio doctor and family have run every blood work know to man kind and also 24 hr. urine test and nothing. This is some bad can't plan anything because you never know when this happen. I have had three stints in the pass and nothing like this till I had open heart surgery, also we have check the meds I'm on and that does not seem to be the cause either. Thank you hope someone has a nswer.


Hi Hemi,

It seems like I have seen a question similar to this in the past. Here is some information about hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). One of the causes is linked to heart disease, but unfortunately it does not go more in depth.


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Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD, LDN