Swelling Under Armpit. Help.


Asked by zanis

Swelling Under Armpit. Help.

noticed swelling under the armpit. it has kinda been there for a while now almost a year now. it never hurt or bothered until now. when lowering arms it seems to be kinda in the way. there does not seem to be an obvious lump only more tissue like there is more fat under left underarm. lately it feels more tender too. checked for lumps but doesnt look like there is any only a more solid area deep under the skin. very nervous.


Hi - Please don't waste time being nervous or worried. Action is the cure-all for worry! There's no telling what this is till you get it examined and diagnosed. So call the doctor for an appointment, OK? In the meantime, please read our post on armpit lumps; hopefully it'll ease your mind a bit. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel