Swiss researchers use LSD to treat anxiety

A team of Swiss doctors say that were able to reduce anxiety in a small group of patients living with terminal illnesses by giving them low doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), or acid.

The researchers worked with 12 volunteers living with a life-threatening illness and who had scored high on tests measuring anxiety. Eight of the volunteers received a 200-microgram dose of LSD, while the others received a placebo, which produced some side effects, during two psychotherapy sessions. Each participant was monitored in a safe environment.

None of the patients experienced adverse effects or a “bad trip,” though, some had some emotionally charged feelings and experiences.  Results showed that the eight participants who took the full dose of LSD reported measurably lower anxiety levels for up to a year after their sessions. Those who took the lower dose placebo, however, experienced higher levels of anxiety.

Reseachers say these results cannot be generalized to a larger group due to the limitations of the study, but that more studies involving LSD-psychotherapy are necessary.

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Sourced from: Livescience, Good Trip? LSD May Have Therapeutic Value