Switching From Paxil To Celexa...feeling Rotten


Asked by Nonny

Switching From Paxil To Celexa...feeling Rotten

I took paxil for fourteen years...eleven years at 20mg, the last three years at 40mg.It basically stopped working. I wanted to switch to something different, so my doctor's plan was for me to wean off the paxil by taking just 20mg for five days, then stopping the Paxil altogether and start taking 20mg of Celexa. It is my sixth day on the Celexa, but I am still having pretty bad Paxil withdrawal(EXTREME irritability, muscle stiffness, etc.) Was this a bad weaning/switching plan? Thank you for your help!



This is a toughie. Hope you've already pursued this with the doctor. A single Migraine should never be allowed to go more than 72 hourse without seeking medical care, even if that means going to the ER.

The problem here is that none of us can answer your question. Working out can actually trigger a Migraine. Did you know that?

Please, let us know how things are going?

Also, as Paul said, there's a lot of information on MyMigraineConnection.


Answered by Teri Robert