Swollen Ankles And Feet With Red Rash


Asked by Joann7005

Swollen Ankles And Feet With Red Rash

experiencing extreme swelling in both of my lower legs, ankles, and feet. I also have a red rash on the lower legs but it doesn't itch nor is it warm to the touch. I was treated for cellulitus but dick it wasn't that since all the symptoms are still here. I do have high blood pressure but it is under control for many years and I do take a water pill but even that hasn't gotten rid of these symptoms. My doctor keeps saying that it will go away. I started having this problem after I had emergency surgery for an umbilical hernia where they cut me open and put a mesh patch in that area.......can someone please explain to me what this possibly could be?


Here is a link to information and a list of possible causes: Foot, Leg, and Ankle Swelling I recommend you continue to work with your doctor to resolve. ~ Lisa Nelson RD

Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN