Is A Swollen Armpit Lymph Node Along With A Cyst On My Breast Normal???


Asked by Jill

Is A Swollen Armpit Lymph Node Along With A Cyst On My Breast Normal???

a couple of years ago, i had a mammogram come back with an abnormality in my left breast. I had to repeat the mammogram every 6 months. 2 weeks ago was my first official annual mammogram. Again, it showed "something a little different" in my left breast. Last week i had another mammogram and I demanded an ultrasound. After waiting a very long 6 days, the nurse called me to tell me that I had a cyst on my left breast and a "benign" lymph nodes in my arm pit. I questioned the "benign lymph node" part. She also said that the doctor who ordered the tests hadn't seen the written report yet but she knew i was anxious. So she called me. I was very uneasy about this and called back only to get the nurse again who told me that it would be another day before I could talk with my doctor. what should i do. am i over reacting?


Jill, you should wait to hear from the doctor - because, in reality, that's your only choice. (S)he's the one who can fill you in on the results of your ultrasound, and what your mammogram might mean. My advice: if (s)he says "It looks like a cyst, it looks benign," ask to have a biopsy to make sure. I've known too many women whose doctors told them "It can't be cancer, it doesn't look like it, doesn't feel like it, you're too young," whatever; and then within a year, they have cancer. Advocate for yourself; it's inmportant, to know one way or the other. Otherwise, you'll just worry; and worry doesn't accomplish anything. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel