Swollen Gland In Breast, Always Sore, Not Pregnant.?


Asked by ka021489

Swollen Gland In Breast, Always Sore, Not Pregnant.?

For the past month i have a lump in my right breast has become very enlarged and swollen, affecting my sleeping on that side and just daily comfort. My husband and I thought I was possibly pregnant but a blood test showed negative. The doctor did a normal breast exam and said it only appeared to be my gland because it was able to move as i raised my arms up and down also thinking I was possibly pregnant as well. I have not spoke with him since the appointment. I am not on birth control and am not eating or drinking anything out of the ordinary. I have been living in south korea for two months and that has been my only change. Any idea what it may be? and yes I do believe i should get it checked out so I am schedualing an appointment but would like to know an idea before than. I have read about breast cyst and it sounds similar but it says the cysts would be squishy in other words, mine seems more firm?


Hi - This could very well be what's known as fibrocystic change, an overgrowth of fibrous breast tissue which can often become painful. However, I'm glad you're getting it checked out more thoroughly, as a lump in the breast should ALWAYS be diagnosed, if it lasts longer than one menstrual cycle. Hope you feel better soon! PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel