Is A Swollen Pectoral Muscle Cancer


Asked by strm415

Is A Swollen Pectoral Muscle Cancer

the other day , my girlfriend noticed my right side pectoral muscle above my right breast is alot more swollen then my left.. it doesnt hurt, but as i looked at it , there is some kind of mass to it , like its harder then the other side. i dont have health insurance so i dont know where i could go to get this checked.. could it be cancerous?? please if anyone knows how i can get it checked or what it could be let me know..


Hi - The chances of you having breast cancer are VERY slim, given you're a man (I'm assuming from your note that you're male). Still, it's possible. It's probably more likely this is scar tissue from an old injury you might have forgotten, or something else benign. However, you should get it checked. There are options for women without insurance who need a mammogram, but I'm not sure about men. If I were you, I'd contact your local branch of the American Cancer Society, and tell them your situation. They're usually very helpful, and should be able to give you some good advice. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel