Do My Symptoms Sound Like Herpes?


Asked by tresa08

Do My Symptoms Sound Like Herpes?

Yesterday I had irritation with bumps at the top of my rear end, near the small of my back. I pushed my finger down on them and and they popped. The bumps are not sore now, did not leave a mark, and they have not come back. Could this be herpes? Can you get it from a transfer of fluids onto your skin?


It's hard to answer your question.   Usually with herpes the lesions release a yellow fluid and then begin to heal.   You can have the lesions typically occur in the vaginal or anal area. I'd recommend taking a test for herpes at your doctor's office (if you have not done so already.  Have the lab run a control "Western Bloe" test, or take the IgG and IgM tests. They are able to distinguish between recent or past exposure.

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Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.