Can Symtoms Go Away By Themselves?


Asked by Sarah

Can Symtoms Go Away By Themselves?

When I was about 12 I started hearing voices and hallucinating. I saw people where there would be mailboxes or nothing at all, I also saw a big dog creature. A lot of what happened seemed very dreamlike and I would feel like I was lying because I wasn't sure what was real. I am now 17 and have been told by friends that it may have been a coping device, but I had a really nice childhood. Nothing taumatic happened to me during that time that I would have had to cope with. Nothing big enough to cause whatever was happening to me. But a few months (I can't remember how long) after it began it stopped. I had a relgigious friend who told me to pray and that seemed to help a lot. Could this all have been in my head? I haven't been able to ask anyone of any real knowledge about my experiences. I haven't had very many reocurrances of it since. Could this be a symptom or just something in my head?


Hi Sarah,

The SZ symptoms do not go away on their own.

You mention that these symptoms come and go at the end of your question. That leads me to believe you sometimes still experience these things.

A person who has SZ needs to take medication every day for the rest of her life to control the symptoms.

You might have a mild form or no form at all. Any number of things could've caused your hallucinations and voices.

However: if you are still experiencing the hallucations and voices AT ALL, I would suggest you get a consultation with a professional and also have a medical doctor do blood work to rule out another medical condition.

SZ often strikes when someone is young which is why the earlier it is treated with medication the better the outcome for a successful recovery.

My contention is this: why would a person WANT to hear voices and hallucinate if she didn't have to AT ALL?



Answered by Christina Bruni