My Systolic Blood Pressure is 125 & Dystolic is 85-90. Why?


Asked by Sarmad ALSAADI

My Systolic Is 125 While My Dystolic Is 85-90 What Causes This Imbalance - Thanks


Hello sarmad alsaadi,

I've got good news for you. Your blood pressure is good!

Your systolic number is a measurement of the maximum pressure in your arteries, while your diastolic number is a measurement of the minimum. The current american heart association goal for blood pressure is 120/80. Treatment with medications for people without other risk factors for heart disease is generally not recommended until blood pressure consistently goes above 140/90.

Of course, improving your diet and exercising are always good for you and can help lower your blood pressure, too, if you are concerned about being slightly above goal. Be sure to discuss with your doctor your blood pressure concerns and the best ways to lower blood pressure for you with diet and exercise.

To your health,

Neil MD

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