My Systolic Is In140s But Diastolic Is 70 - 80. How Do I Lower Systolic?


Asked by Scooter

My Systolic Is In140s But Diastolic Is 70 - 80. How Do I Lower Systolic?

For years my systolic has been in the 130s to 150s while my diastolic has stayed between 70 & 80. I try to walk on my treadmill or stairstepper every day for 45 min. to increase my heart rate to 140 sustained for 30 min. (Cardiovascular) I'm a 12 hr rotating shift worker and can't exercise when I'm on day shift. The exercise helps - when I can do it regularly. I have been on various strengths of diovan and diovan with hydrochlorothiazide. Then Toprol XL was added. None of these has solved the high systolic numbers. Now they have taken me off the Diovan and put me on Azor. It has not lowered my systolic numbers either. I know getting the right BP Med in the right dosage for you is a trial and error thing. I am in tune with my body and recognize changes right away. I also keep good records of my exercising, BP every day, and diet. I am an energetic person and have a hard time dealing with side effects like fatigue and aching arms/legs/back. What causes high systolic and how can I get it more normal like my diastolic?


Hello scooter,

High systolic blood pressure with "normal" diastolic pressure still means that you have hypertension, that will likely need additional medications.

From a treatment standpoint, I wonder what medications you are on currently and the reason you've been switched between several different medications.

Generally, a good strategy for treating high blood pressure involves increasing a particular medication to its highest dose and then adding other kinds of medications if needed. A diuretic like hydrochlorothiazide is an excellent, cheap, and side-effect free starting medication.

Please keep exercising and eating right! Even if you need two or more medications to control your BP these activities help your health tremendously.

To your health,

Neil MD