My T-score Is -3.3 What Does That Mean Lumber Spine


Asked by phyllis

My T-score Is -3.3 What Does That Mean Lumber Spine


Hi Phyllis: I just wanted to add another thought that echoes what Sandra said that I think is very important.

When we are diagnosed with these t-scores, don't let it overwhelm you, even though at first that is the natural reaction to it. There are many things you can do to improve you t-scores, but taking it one day at a time and logically evaluating your daily activities so you don't let this rule your life. I'm not saying to ingnore this, but worrying excessively doesn't help at all, it only makes things worse. Look at your daily routine and make changes that include safe body movements. You don't want to jepordize your bones, nor go overboard with unachieveable goals.

Here's a link from the National Osteoporosis Foundation that explains safe body movements aka Body Mechanics. About 3/4 of the way down the page on the above link there is a download for "Boning Up on Osteoporosis," I highly recommend that and some of the other downloads mentioned on that page. Read the above link, and use common sense when it comes to moving throughout the day, it will pay off if you learn what is safe and unsafe, and hopefully prevent any injuries. If a movement hurts, don't repeat it, or find an alternate way of doing it that doesn't hurt.

If you get a chance, try to read as much of the link I gave you on t-scores, because it's an excellent resource for all possible questions on osteoporosis. The web site is from the Univ of WA-Dr. Susan Ott-Bone Physiology Course reknowned for her knowledge on this topic. The web site is unbelievably long (over 100 pages), but you can bookmark it and go back over time to read it.

You can look up any question using the search box on the home page which you can get to by scrolling to the bottom of the t-score page, and then click home page. This site is very well written and very easy to understand. I've been reading it for at least 6 years, and I still don't think I read each and every page. It's just a good resource to go back to when you need, with endless knowledge.

Sorry for the length, but it did seem important, so I hope you don't mind

Answered by Pam Flores