T Scores


Asked by SuniDaze

T Scores

How severe is a T score of -1.8 within the femoral neck of a 54 yr old female? She has Osteoporosis of the lumbar spine with a T score of -3.2. She also has a T score of -1.1 of the left hip.


Hi SuniDaze, welcome... Doctors use your lowest score for a diagnosis of bone loss. Here's the World Health Orgs definition of t-scores.

Normal bone: any score above -1.0

Osteopenia: any score between -1.0 and -2.5

Osteoporosis: any score below -2.5

Since the lowest score is -3.2 your friend has osteoporosis. The 2 other hip scores are in the osteopenia range. T-scores are one measure of bone loss, but you also need to look at fracture risk and any possible secondary disorders that may cause bone loss. You'll want to raise all the numbers, but the doctor is probably concentrating on the lowest.

You can also look at the bottom of the dxa results to see these numbers.

Good luck. If you have another question just repost.

Answered by Pam Flores