I Have Been Taking Forteo For The Past 7 Months Can I Safely Stop Abruptly?


Asked by K. A. C.

I Have Been Taking Forteo For The Past 7 Months Can I Safely Stop Abruptly?

I have had a change in insurance and the new doctor I see does not want me to continue because of the risks (or so she says). I trusted my former physician (20+ years) and it was not a choice made lightly!. I am very concerned about abrupt cessation of the drug...are there risks associated with stopping?

What tests should/could I request of my doctor to determine my best treatment options?

Other than HRT I was taking nothing prior to Forteo and have had multiple compression fractures and arm fractures. I have lost over 50% of my bone mass since my hysterectomy in 1973 and am 58 now. Along with the Forteo I was prescribed 50000 units of Vitamin D (now on monthly dose) and Calcium Carbonate daily.


Hi K.A.C. welcome to the community. What do you want to do? Would you rather continue with Forteo? I would talk to the Dr. and make sure your opinion is considered in this decision. If you decide to stop Forteo and start something else you and your Dr. will have to decide which drug to take. Is your Dr. worried because you've had some form of radiation to the bone, which is a reason not to use Forteo?

I took Forteo and did really well, and I did stop it abruptly because I had to have my calcium levels checked, so there is no problem in doing this. When you finish a 2 year course on it you stop abruptly so there's nothing to worry about other than what you'll take instead.

Make sure that whatever you decide to do, that you have a say in that decision since you are the one who'll have to live with it.

Good luck...

Answered by Pam Flores