Can I Take the Generic of Prevacid (Lansoprazole) Forever?


Asked by sheila

I Have Been Taking The Generic Form Of Prevacid For More Than 5 Years. It Is Called Lansoprazole. My Questions Is How Long Can I Safely Take This Drug. Forever?

I have been taking the generic form of Prevacid for more than five years. It is called lansoprazole. My question is how long can I safely take this drug. Forever?


There are long term side effects that should be considered. My Mom has been taking Proton Pump Inhibitors since they were introduced. She gets bone scans for monitoring as they can cause bone loss and increased risk of fracture. She also gets yearly blood tests to monitor her blood mineral levels.

It comes down to a benefits/risk assessment that needs to be done with your doctor. I was on PPIs for a couple of years and decided to wean off of them to an H2 blocker. That worked for a long while though the control was never as good as it was on the PPIs. I really didn't want to be on the PPIs as I am in my thirties and don't want to be osteoportic at 60. But, it got to be too bad and now I'm back on the PPIs and I take vitamins and minerals and will make sure my bones are monitored as I age.

Best of Luck - Stephanie

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